What is it?

An authentication method that allows citizens, using their National Identification Card (CNI) and the respective authentication PIN code, to authenticate themselves on Cape Verdean Public Administration portals and sites, to digitally perform services and sign documents.

To authenticate with the CNI, the citizen must have:

  • PIN code for authentication of the CNI;
  • A smart card reader connected to the computer;
  • The Middleware (CNI software) installed on the computer.

How to authenticate?

Once the National ID Card is inserted into the smart card reader, connected to the computer, the user must:

  • Open the CNI middleware/software;
  • Select the "Authorize" option, as requested by the portal or service to be accessed;
  • Enter the PIN code to authenticate the card.

The Card

The National Identification Card (CNI) is a modern, authentic, multifunctional, and highly secure civil identification document that identifies the Cape Verdean citizen, in person or digitally, before any public or private entity.

Aside from identification functions, it allows authentication and digital signature in Cape Verdean Public Administration portals and sites, enabling electronic transactions, and more.

It complies with internationally recommended fundamental security requirements regarding the use of electronic documents.

Confidentiality and Security

Following international principles and best practices, including multi-factor authentication and digital certificates, it provides greater security and privacy to access public administration services.


If you can't authenticate yourself with the CNI, make sure that:

  • ID is valid;
  • Middleware is installed and open on your computer;
  • The smart card reader is connected to the computer and working;
  • The card is properly inserted in the smart card reader;
  • The PIN entered corresponds to the authentication PIN of the card that is inserted in the reader;

If none of the above workarounds work, please contact the support team at the following address: helpdesk@nosi.cv.

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