What is it?

Autentika is the management platform for Electronic Identity, Authentication and Digital Signature of the State of Cabo Verde.

Provides secure and reliable identification between citizens and online service providers, as well as online access to various public services, with a single login.

The exchange of data between Autentika and the Public Administration portals and websites is only performed with the user's consent.

What is it for?

Provides third-party applications the ability to authenticate their users in a secure and controlled way. Besides reducing the need to create an account for each application, Autentika provides a Single Sign-On mechanism that allows the citizen to present his credentials only once and have access to multiple applications for a better user experience.

It offers a range of means and principles allowing control over how profile data is collected and managed, which applications will have access to that data, the data that is shared with them, and for what period of time.

Autentika adopts best international principles and practices, such as the use of a second authentication factor for better security.

Metódos de Autenticação

Centralized Authentication

By using a Single Sign-On mechanism, the citizen, with just one account and one login, can have access to multiple platforms and applications.

Autentika is Cabo Verde's Electronic Identity Management and Authentication platform.

Allow citizens to authenticate themselves in various applications and services in a single login, safely and securely.

Autentika has the following authentication methods available:

  • Basic Authentication - using an email and password;                                                     
  • Authentication with Cabo Verde Mobile Digital Key - using a cell phone number, authentication PIN and temporary code;                                                                    
  • Authentication with Civil Identity Document - using middleware, smart card reader, CNI and the respective authentication PIN.

Any application, duly authorized, that offers useful services to Cape Verdean citizens.

Single Sign-On is an access control mechanism that allows the user to access different online services requiring single sign-on authentication.