What is it?

Digital signature grants legal validity to a signature made in the digital medium, same as a handwritten signature on a document at a notary's office.

A digital signature has related digital certificates that attest to the signer's identity, ensuring both the integrity of the information and the validity of electronic documents.

How to Activate?

Each citizen can activate the digital signature of the National ID Card at any time after receiving the Digital Signature Activation Code. The activation request can be made personally at the services and entities accredited for this purpose or by the citizen himself, who must have the middleware installed and a smart card reader.

Regarding the Cabo Verde Mobile Digital Key (CMDCV), to activate the qualified digital signature the citizen may request it in the Autentika reserved area, or in person, at the competent services and entities. The request can be made at any time after the CMDCV activation.

How to Signing?

You can digitally sign any document in PDF format using the digital signature certificates of the National Identification Card (CNI) or the Cape Verde Mobile Digital Key (CMDCV).

Signing documents with the CNI requires an enabled digital signature, a smart card reader, installed middleware, and the signature PIN.

Meanwhile, the digital signature with the CMDCV is made in Autentika, and requires an activated CMDCV and the respective digital signature, and a corresponding PIN from the citizen.

Authenticity and Non-Repudiation

Authenticate and sign digital documents with the same legal validity as a signature made personally in a notary's office.

The qualified digital signature grants the document's signature authenticity, endowing it with legally granted evidential value.

All citizens holding the National ID Card are allowed to activate the CMDCV Digital Signature.

The request for activation of the digital signature can be made at any time after the activation of the CMDCV.

You can activate the digital signature of your civil ID card at any time, after receiving the Digital Signature Activation Code, with eight digits. The first four digits are in the PIN-letter you received, the remaining digits are sent by the service, via SMS, once the letter has been delivered.

Every document can be digitally signed as long as it is in PDF format.