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Platform FAQs

Autentika is Cabo Verde's Electronic Identity Management and Authentication platform.

Allow citizens to authenticate themselves in various applications and services in a single login, safely and securely.

Autentika has the following authentication methods available:

  • Basic Authentication - using an email and password;                                                     
  • Authentication with Cabo Verde Mobile Digital Key - using a cell phone number, authentication PIN and temporary code;                                                                    
  • Authentication with Civil Identity Document - using middleware, smart card reader, CNI and the respective authentication PIN.

Any application, duly authorized, that offers useful services to Cape Verdean citizens.

Single Sign-On is an access control mechanism that allows the user to access different online services requiring single sign-on authentication.


Your account may be blocked in the following cases:

  • More than 5 authentication attempts with the incorrect password (in which case the account is unlocked after 3 minutes);
  • Explicitly requests by the user
  • Requested for legal reasons.

The password can be recovered only for accounts in the Autentika repository that are not locked. The recovery is done by following these steps:

  • Click the "Forgot Password" link on the login page to open the password recovery page;
  • Enter the email associated with your account and click the Submit button;
  • An email with password recovery information will be sent to you; 
  • In the recovery message received, click the "Reset Password" button; 
  • Enter the new password and your confirmation. Click "Submit"; 
  • You can now log into your account.  

For RTPE accounts, password recovery can be requested to the Helpdesk services through the email helpdesk@nosi.cv

When an account has not yet been confirmed, this message is displayed. To confirm your account, proceed as follows:

  • Open the account activation message received in your mailbox. It might have been delivered to your spam folder;
  •  Click the "Confirm Account" button;
  •  After confirmation you can now log in with your account.

If you cannot log in with your email and password, make sure that: 

  • Your account is activated, using the link that was emailed to you after registration;
  • The email and password you entered are correct. If you do not remember your password, you can retrieve it at any time;
  • Your account is not blocked; 
  • Contact the support team if none of the above work for you.

During the authentication process, some data may have to be shared. By not authorizing the sharing of mandatory data, the access to the private area will be denied.

If you can't authenticate yourself with the CNI, make sure that:

  • ID is valid;
  • Middleware is installed and open on your computer;
  • The smart card reader is connected to the computer and working;
  • The card is properly inserted in the smart card reader;
  • The PIN entered corresponds to the authentication PIN of the card that is inserted in the reader;

If none of the above workarounds work, please contact the support team at the following address: helpdesk@nosi.cv.

You can authenticate yourself with your CNI in any portal or site of the Cape Verdean Public Administration that has joined Autentika.

The authentication PIN is a numerical code made up of 4 digits and appears on the PIN letter, which is given to you when you withdraw your CNI.

The code is confidential, personal and non-transferable. Never, under any circumstances, disclose the PIN code.

The CNI's main function is:

  • Ensure correct and secure identification of its holder;
  • Store personal data of its holder, through the embedded Chip;
  • Process some identification, authentication and digital signature transactions.

You can download the Middleware here.You must select the version compatible with your computer's operating system

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Yes, you can request its revocation at any time through the same channels available for obtaining. Revoking the CMDCV does not prevent you from registering again at any time to obtain a new CMDCV.

É um mecanismo de simplificação Administrativa que permite aos cidadãos interagirem com os serviços da Administração Pública, de forma segura e confiável, facilitando a solicitação de serviços públicos por via digital, que acelera e melhora a qualidade da sua prestação por parte da Administração Pública.

You do not need to have your National Identification Card (CNI) or a card reader.

  • Decreto Legislativo n.º 5/2020 de 21 de julho;
  • Portaria n.º 27/2022 de 24 de junho.

Através da associação do número do Cartão Nacional de Identificação (CNI) – nesta primeira Fase – a um único número de telemóvel e/ou a um endereço de correio eletrónico.

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All citizens holding the National ID Card are allowed to activate the CMDCV Digital Signature.

The request for activation of the digital signature can be made at any time after the activation of the CMDCV.

You can activate the digital signature of your civil ID card at any time, after receiving the Digital Signature Activation Code, with eight digits. The first four digits are in the PIN-letter you received, the remaining digits are sent by the service, via SMS, once the letter has been delivered.

Every document can be digitally signed as long as it is in PDF format.

The application must be submitted via the email address cxm@nosi.cv, and should contain the following information: the name and description of the application, the web address where the user will be redirected after authentication, and the attributes, mandatory and non-mandatory, that you want shared with your application.

You can download it here, or you can contact the support team at the e-mail address helpdesk@nosi.cv.

Any online service that is properly authorized and useful to citizens.

An application integrates with Autentika using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol.

Or contact us through the following customer services:
Casa do Cidadão (Citizen's House)
Phone: 800 2008
E-mail: casadocidadao@mmeap.gov.cv
Service Desk
Phone: 333 62 73
E-mail: helpdesk@nosi.cv
Phone: (+238) 260 79 73
E-mail: cxm@nosi.cv